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  • Marion Douglas

    About me: ...nities including facilitation towards the implementation of the 'new' technology curriculum back in the 90's, lecturing at UoA, co-leading the NCEA Technology implementation nationally and...

  • Selena Hinchco

    About me: ...hool leader and resource writer. My previous roles in schools include being a deputy principal, senior teacher, classroom teacher and specialist technology teacher. I am a consultant at...

  • Malcolm Howard

    About me: Secondary technology facilitator at The University of Auckland

  • Richard Knuckey

    About me: HoD e-learning at Queen Margaret College, teacher of digital technology and psychology (International Baccalaureate), keen sports fan, part-time music/film critic and all round general news and info junkie.

  • Amanda O'Connell

    Skills: music technologySkills: technology integration

  • Angela Lee

    About me: I'm a Teacher in charge of ICT.  I enjoy anything to do with technology, love to travel, the outdoors and generally just hanging out with my husband and son. 

  • Sally Taylor

    About me: ...as my lovely Year 10 Social Studies class! I am interested in ICT and how it can be used to improve students learning through engagement of the technology. I am in my first year of tea...

  • Warren Grieve

    About me: Digital Technology specialist and eLearning leader. Boys school. 1:1 laptop programme running with Apple TV and iPads also. Enjoy writing, blogging and making contact with other teachers.

  • Margaret Miller

    About me: ...on their computer so that they are able to take full advantage of the technology in question. I believe that t...portant thing I can do for the staff at SPC is to empower them to use technology to their advantage, from a pr...

  • Richard Gillespie

    About me: ...ple that they become. ICT is a large part of the education of all children and is only going to become a more important tool as time goes by and technology continues to rapidly improve...