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  • Live Forum: How are you using technology to connect with your school community? http://bit.ly/1py6LId

  • What would you do or how would you motivate other teachers to use technology in the classroom?

  • Digital Technology – Safe and responsible use in schools, new from NetSafe http://bit.ly/1A4EyrT

  • It's Primary Science week and International Year of Light. What can science and technology look like together? http://bit.ly/1qx0GJp

  • "Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them the teacher is the most important." Bill Gates

  • $500,000 for 40 more schools to receive wireless technology, as part of the Ministry of Education’s WSNUP http://bit.ly/1SN4vWZ

  • Today's Twitter #eelslow question: How has digital technology made a difference to your efforts to cater for all students?

  • Are you using technology innovatively in your school? Got a new idea to trial? Email the Grass Roots Ideas Initiative http://bit.ly/1RiChBS

  • Can technology help accessibility to learning? Here's a special dyslexie font to help improve reading with dsylexia. http://bit.ly/2gpH6zJ

  • Looking forward to tomorrow's Technology Online webinar on DT & HM learning progression. Feel free to sign up @ http://bit.ly/2IWfErw