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  • Thinking of ways how to help teachers create exciting activity sheets using technology.

  • Join the eLearning:Technology group & add your thoughts to discussion: Is your school set up for a Google generation? http://bit.ly/krHjj9

  • QR code fans might want to contribute to the current 'using smart phone technology in art' discussion on Visartsnet http://is.gd/wcmxVn

  • Interesting results from a live poll asking, "Can a teacher be a good teacher without using technology?@ http://fizurl.com/teacherpoll

  • Checking out Technology Solutions Australasia

  • working through technology support document in designing technology course for juniors next year, Indicators of progessions :/

  • Technology:over time, in everyday life, as part of Inquiry, to self review, as virtual reality? What does it look like? http://bit.ly/I60zy0

  • At home with my daughter who is finding life really hard at age 11 so we have be using technology to research and access help!

  • What a great discussion! Check out the answers and add your own > Does technology stifle creativity? http://bit.ly/JWXqEF #technologies

  • I am thinking about offering an online course for L2&3 Music Technology students as part of my studies at UC. Anyone interested in joining?