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  • Got any e-learning tips up your sleeve to share? Why not register to present (5mins) in our unconference webinar? http://bit.ly/1ka0BMH

  • What to hear other educator's e-learning tips/tricks/experiences? Why not register to attend our unconference webinar? http://bit.ly/1ka0BMH

  • 2 posts about BYOD: Initiating & supporting in NZ Context: http://bit.ly/1sr8YCC; & 5 practical tips for classroom: http://bit.ly/1pZ4Co2

  • Got some handy e-tips to share, why not present a 4min session in our unconference webinar? 9th Sept. Register now: http://bit.ly/1K4FgRs

  • Encouraging Blog Engagement, impossible or doable? /discussion/view/827695 What are your top tips?

  • Any more tips for a future-focused teacher? /discussion/view/976898 We'd love to hear more >>>

  • We're having a quick fire smackdown where you/us/we get to share cool tips/tricks for using e-tools in our classrooms http://bit.ly/2y14Pyg

  • We're getting ready for our 4min Smackdown on Thursday, do you have top tips/e-tools to share? Add them here: http://bit.ly/2yY0sJB

  • Our project-based learning page contains tips, questions, videos, and useful resources. More in our newsletter http://eepurl.com/g2K2yT