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  • Regional Meeting Oct 5 2010 Minutes

    ...ement mathematics already identified as an area that needs further inquiry Professional development T...ys what makes a difference, visible learning lab (hates research) inquiry led teaching martin renton trends in ict...

  • ICT PD needs

    Please rank these in order of priority for your teaching needs by writing 1(want the most),2,3,4,5 next to each focus. RSS feeds 1 Google docs 2 Ultranet 3 Photo presentation packages ipad ipod itunes imovie prezi twitter uspace skype digistore blogs wikis web pages  

  • Talking for Success

    Action Research: Talk for Success     Name Of initiators : Think Tank Team   Inves...rrent practice look like now? Possibly an X chart. Identifying their specific teachin...

  • St Mary's Teachers featured in National Publications

    Questions for Interface Magazine     Judith Smallbone (Year 5 and 6 Team L...classroom? Just do it!!! You have to! I have been teaching for over 20 years and the dev...  I am increasingly using ICTs as a tool for teachin...

  • Game Based Learning - List of Links

    Arggh, far too many articles on game-based learning on my reading list. Hoping to find th...ween Game-Based Learning And Academic Achievement: Teaching Management With Video Games (...ointers @ TECFA SchoolGameMaker (pages of links) Teachin...

  • Reflective Summary: Milestone 3 2011

    ...gration through the classroom inquiry teaching and learning model. Interven...strategies to meet their own inquiry focus.   Teacher Inq...t could enhance their inquiry teaching and learning. Kath Murdoch...It was felt that the teacher inquiry process would help schools an...

  • Sacred Heart Timaru

     Sacred Heart teachers' evidence for Milestone 6. Teaching as Inquiry Focus: How can we use ICT tools, strategies and thinking in our teaching and learning to improve student achievement in writing?   Sacred Heart ICT Strategic Plan 2011 - 2012

  • Pleasant Point Primary

    "Teaching as Inquiry" Focus: How can we use ICT tools, strategies and thinking in our teaching and learning to improve student achievement in Writing? PPPSActionPlan

  • Video Links - 2012

    Here are some links to Videos we have posted on You Tube, relevant to eLearning, planning, teaching and reflecting etc - you name it! Robyn and the Laptops - http://youtu.be/b_4FqG_4JfQ

  • MS4 Reflection - Principals to lead the integration of e-learning

    Fairfield is a single cluster school, we are a decile 4 school with 1045 st...the SNUP upgrade and in addition our teaching spaces were being renovated i...itated a more discursive approach to teaching, the TEV tool is capturing ev...he integration of mobile phones into teachin...