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  • Learning at School 2011

    ...dvocate for ICT's as an enhancement to the teaching and learning process.  I see a lot of...rt put into the prsentation worthiy of the learning intention?  There are...ng hard to make a 'real' difference to the learning outcomes of the children in t...

  • Nayland walkthrough from NCA teachers

      ITC Visit to Nayland 3/3/11 Ruth and Bridget attended. A twenty minute talk w...staffroom before thirty five minutes of visiting classrooms. The following e-learning tools were observed: Lexia...

  • Tony's Visit to NCA

    At NCA we had the awesome opportunity to have Tony Ryan with us for an afternoon. I wa...e! The areas learnt we see having a direct influence on effective taching and learning!

  • Tony's Visit to NCA

    March 16, 2011 by Chris   Comments (0) At NCA we had the awesome opportunity...e! The areas learnt we see having a direct influence on effective taching and learning

  • The arrival of the iDevice.

    .... From that point on it becomes a natural part of the learning ecosystem. Today we do n...this ever increasing speed of change to the field of teaching.  To view the Apple Bus Tour Presentation go to my eLearning site    ...

  • ePortfolios in the News

    ...ted effort than almost any other learning technology topic I can recall...ty, Reflect, Evaluate, Checklist learning design sequence and a wide ra...are not a member of the Virtual Learning Network (VLN), consider joini...this and other discussion about teaching and learning. 5. Eportfolios...

  • Yet another site...or is it?

    Am learning about a new site.  This looks a little like Netvibes, a little like blogger.com and not like wikispaces but I keep comparing the two!  I don't know how many websites I have visited or joined but I am looking forward to learning about this one.

  • Welcome - Aoraki Mount Cook School!

    Welcome to Aoraki Mount Cook School who joined the VLN Prim...egree of connectivity and being part of the Online Learning Environment at our school mov...aki. I found out about this through the NZ Virtual Learning Network (VLN) site and encour...

  • Analysing PAT results and Jeffrey Smith

    Whilst I really enjoyed the talk by Professor Jeffrey Smith on data analysis I do not...in the colleges and schools could also make use of these programmes in their learning of Statisitcs. Tinkerplots is...