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  • People-based learning design

    Tags: teaching, enabling e-learning, eel, design thinking, learner centred, people centred, learning design

  • Tania Williams

    My name is Tania Williams I live in Opononi, Hokianga.  I have recently signed up for Bachlor of Education in Primary Teaching.  Its a wonderful course and I enjoy this site and find it very helpful for my studies and to learn more in relation to the NZ Cirriculum and the Marautanga.

    Skills: Research skills, computing, horticulture, teaching, art skills, cooking etc

  • FORUM: Designing Inclusive Innovative Learning Environments

    As we consider the environment in which our ākonga learn, we need to ensure that it includes all learners. Sensitivity to individual differences and learner variability should inform decisions relating to pedagogy, practice, and design of a flexible space.

    Tags: enabling e-learning, eel, teaching, inclusion, inclusive education, universal design for learning, udl

  • Jessica Jacklet

    Tags: teaching, dancing, playing music, social justice, playing with my 4 and 7 year old daughters

  • Laura Hopkins

    I currently work at Massey University teaching Academic English to students who are going to study at either undergraduate or postgraduate level. Previously I taught at The Business School, Auckland University, where I supported students in their postgraduate studies.

    Tags: teaching, assessment, e-learning, teacher education. Skills: teaching, assessment, resource writing, teacher education

  • REVITALISATION POST: Digital Teacher Planners

    Join us in this discussion as we rethink teacher planning digitally, so that our planning can be transparent, adaptable and collaborative. We'll also touch on digital tools to help teach in collaborative, innovative spaces.

    Tags: digital, planners, teaching, innovation, modern, learning, collaboration

  • DISCUSSION POST: Nurturing collaborative partnerships

    Join us in this discussion as we explore collaborative partnerships in teachings, collaborative professional inquiry and building relational trust.

    Tags: collaboration, framework, relational, turst, partnerships, teaching, inquiry, professional

  • SPOTLIGHT WEBINAR: What is collaborative inquiry?

    In this webinar, Rebbecca Sweeney talks about the process of moving from individual to collaborative inquiry, leadership of collaborative inquiry in schools and what this looks like in practice.

    Tags: collaboration, framework, relational, turst, partnerships, teaching, inquiry, professional

  • Heather Anderson

    I currently teach ESOL to year 10s and 11s as well as Business Studies to years  11,12 & 13s. I have 3 children and live in Cambridge. I am a perpetual student and love learning new techniques to make learning interesting to my students as well as how to better use technology to make work mor...

    Skills: teaching, management

  • DISCUSSION POST: Break out the games in your classroom Part 2

    This is a second instalment of a four part series discussing the value and place of games, game-based learning and game development in the classroom. In this discussion, we take a peek at what makes a game a game, and how lessons can be gamified using game mechanics and design elements.

    Tags: gamification, game, mechanics, classroom, teaching