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  • Suskya Goodall

    About me: ...g around wellbeing. Seeking opportunities to connect and learn at Victoria University of Wellington, Suskya supports, coaches and visits training teachers and will be leading a project...

  • Candy Hart

    About me: I am a passionate teacher at Maeroa Intermediate.  At present I am in a Blended Learning Course.  I would like to share my experiences with other teachers and share ideas.

  • Dianne McBryde

    About me: ...n their communication skills. I am currently the only qualified PECS Implementer in NZ and have been involved in implementing PECS with students, teachers and families in 3 special sch...

  • Carol Kendall

    Brief description: Part time teacher working with teachers and students to use ICT creatively and effectively. Also passionate about inquiry learning. An Apple fan!

  • Julie Mills

    About me: ...ing modules and to implement change. Her approach to inquiry learning is a direct result of fine tuning the theory into a practical realm so that teachers and students have achievable...

  • sheree diaz

    About me: I teach at Jean Batten School.  I am at present teaching year 5/6.  I am one of 3 lead teachers for ICT within the school.  

  • Tim Kong

    About me: ...nd a digital learning environment as the way, the means by which we as teachers should be connecting, challen...s to be used for the right teaching and learning.  Our duty of care as teachers is to prepare our students fo...

  • Sophie Wright

    About me: ...Director of e-Learning at MRGS. I get to work with an amazing group of teachers who are leading the way in th...een to look at tools to enhance collaborative learning spaces for both teachers and for students.

  • jany yelcich

    About me: ...working best in small group situations rather than the big scary presenter bit.  I am motivated and inspired by visiting other schools and seeing teachers in action.  So, if you think...

  • Alison Stewart

    About me: ...MCFCS" has been developed to provide professional learning opportunities based around ICT in education to make the most of our new fibre loop for teachers in the Mid Canterbury distric...