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  • Having lots of fun as a group.Teachers reminds me of excited children having fun learning

  • Asked Teachers what challenges they are facing? does this ring true? http://educheck.blogspot.co.nz/2012/06/challenges-teacher-see.html

  • Working with an enthusiastic group of PoriruaNet teachers here in the VLN:-) Welcome - haere mai.

  • Love seeing all these inspiring teachers online tonight in the VLN - surfing for ideas and sharing their experiences.

  • See what's happening in the Connected Rotorua group - great PD: /groups/profile/849259/connected-rotorua-teachers

  • Interested in joining Connected Rotorua Teachers group?https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ongN91u8CT0sjIpcwFHI4HUMd10hPrZRt5YfvscwFzM/viewform

  • Curriculum Integration Project: Teachers collaborating http://tinyurl.com/asdvwsd #ProjectBasedLearning #Literacy #Collaboration

  • ...setting up a VLN space for EBOP Connected Teachers...

  • Wanna just hang out? Listen to what other teachers have got to share? Then come and join us tomorrow http://bit.ly/12aFaeY C U there #eLearn

  • How do PE teachers use Google apps and video to help improve physical educational outcomes? /discussion/view/816419