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  • Toni Twiss

    Interests: teacher inquiry

  • Justine Hughes

    Skills: teacher inquiry

  • Barrie Matthews

    Location: inquiry, inquiry learning, ict, virtual field trip, virtual field trip, video, professional development, podcasting, pd, thinking, technology, virtual learning, teacher inquiry, new zealand, experiences

  • Heather Bell

    About me: I work for Korimako Education as an education facilitator. I work across a broad spectrum of areas and have a particular interest in digital/elearning, teacher inquiry, and inclusive schooling.

  • virginiak

    About me: Virginia Kung is an experienced school teacher, an Adjunct Lecturer for the Univer...hievement. In addition she regularly mentors teachers in the use of SOLO for teach...earning.  This year Virginia has focused her teacher inquiry around Writing, utilizing the...

  • Jonathan Russell

    About me: ...e there we visited a number of schools who have implemented differentiated learning and self regulating learning and inquiry. Took part in LwIT last year as part of my teacher inquiry.Last year I left Merrin to ta...

  • Lorraine Best

    About me: ...rogram, and have just begun to formulate questions for my capstone teacher inquiry project. I am hoping to learn...ive speech and being understood when they speak.  The topic for my teacher inquiry project is going to Involve h...

  • Elizabeth Roberts

    Interests: teacher inquiry