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  • I am the DP at Ohaupo School. I teach full time students in yr7 & yr8. I have a passion for IT and belong to the Connected Cluster.

  • Kia ora my name is Julie ODonnell and l will be doing VLN Te Reo Maori this morning. Im a registered teacher with a passion to teach.

  • Using audacity to teach students how to create their own podcasts for revision and presentation.

  • @jesshalliscool is he visitin ur cluster? some of my lead teach goin 2 his brekouts for eportfolio, hws his session?we are on the vln netwrk

  • Something funny/scary for the afternoon via Greg's Blog >> Should we teach Math? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QBv2CFTSWU

  • I am at the moment watching the NE five year olds in my class teach each other skills using the laptops. I love my job!

  • Of course, let's plan when we we meet on Friday :-)

  • How are iPads changing the way we teach and learn? /discussion/view/695568

  • Hey all. Wondering if anyone can suggest some great resources to teach equity to my Yr8 students...Help!

  • Thanks Diane Mill s for organising the ICTPD regional meeting inHamilton. Lovely to meet Chrissie Butler, Janelle Riki & Warren Hall.