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  • @lynross thought we could kick it off by sharing an app that we like- I have done one to get us started.

  • @AllanahK I think you might have gone, sorry I was bit late :(

  • @tessa.gray Thanks- my Skype is AllanahK. I still need help as I feel I'm floundering a bit. The VLN is quite Ning like but trickier- or is

  • ...is working alongside three teachers from Putauaki who are personalising their VLN spaces:)

  • After a couple of hours in here and being 'sooooo unproductive' I'm quitting! Will be back apopo though! :)

  • iTeamtauranga PD day

  • I like the Virtual Learning Network as it provides opportunities for teachers to share ideas and resources from a central site. Onward!!!

  • Hi All, Just read Hayden inkster's file on involving whanau in learning opportunities. Go have a look ! TAInquiry_2011 ICT Newspapers.pdf

  • On the VLN it's on the left. I end up cancelling what I am doing instead of accepting it when posting a discussion!

  • Is it just me? In most places the OK or INSERT or whatever is in the right hand side.