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  • Assets for mini-game content

    ...propose a huge collection of animated Sprites with positions in the e-ne-n...s. All released as freeware. As stated on the readme page freeware...s in the commercial case" A sprite lib under a GPL license Very...se tiles are free to be used in whatever projects you desire. (I ne...

  • Game Based Learning - List of Links

    ...ollaborative learning and student e-teamwork. Digital Game-Based...ture of learning The use of computer and video games for learning...Learning And Academic Achievement: Teaching Management With Video G...Mechanics The Art of Computer Game Design by Chris Crawfor...

  • Game Design

    ...draw lines on how the players may interact with the elements in the...ncremental goals and challenges to step the players through the game...e and feedback. The above are supported and strengthened by providin...of the basic requirements of all interactive activities, including...

  • Game Aesthetics

    The notion of game aesthetics describes the desirable emotional responses evoked in the player, when she interacts with the game system. game user interface game user experience game usability

  • Game Mechamics

    Capture the the system of features that make games fun, compelling and...etition, cooperation, drama, game level social interaction → social game vi...virtual currency (money, transactions), reward system (badges, trophies) difficul...

  • Basics of Myportfolio

    Here you'll find some of the basics of Myportfolio.school.nz I tried to keep all of the videos short but give you enough to start you off. You can book a MyPortfolio Taster for your school here http://tiny.cc/myportfolionz      

  • Reflections on our inaugural student conference - Milestone 3

    ...ather than indirectly through teacher or principal action and...Pre Conference: We selected our students, thought about...e conference: We reminded teachers of the commitment to en...ir respective schools. To date the some of the ways individu...

  • testing

    testing word doc so this is how you make a page  

  • Milestone 3

    ...enhance their learning   The teachers at Mamaku School provid...middle school students in the first term researched and shared their...ctions when counting in English and Te Reo also when learning their...in the senior classes.  All teachers have the opportunity to...

  • Milestone Resources

    Milestone Summaries 'How to' Video Reflective Summary Example - Appletree Cluster Reflective Summary Example - Nayland School   Sharing online professional reflections - PDF Download   Milestone Template - Cluster Report 3 (Mark to complete)