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  • IPad Smackdown

    Chris Betcher, Andrew Churches, Deon Scanlon and I recorded a podcast over the weekend of our favourite apps. Have a listen- we get through quite a few! http://virtualstaffroom.net/2011/04/vsr42-ios-app-smackdown/

  • Teaching literacy through the arts

    Our Arts Online team of community facilitators in Dance, Drama, Music...ts and Art History are keen to hear from the wider teaching profession about the role you see arts playing in the teaching of literacy. Do you use...

  • Somerset Crescent Tekids

    Our tekids are busy creating a presentation about what being a tekid means for them at Somerset Crescent school. I look forward to seeing these. I have had to think hard about how we are going to use our tekids more effectively so I am currently working on this.

  • Uploading reflective summaries to the VLN

    Link to this page and watch the video on how to upload your summaries.

  • Creating Connection.

    ...of a Sign)   The context in which we experience an e...hat event and those in it. As teachers of the iGen student the...hows that the tween-agers and teenagers of today are still dev...unable to experience. The context created by the second sign...

  • Interested in participating in an ePortfolio course?

    ...en Barrett is proposing to run an online facilitated course on ePortfolios for K-...ess of implementation with GoogleApps/Digication/Teacher Dashboard. The plan is t...rimarily use a private Google Group and Google Site to facilitate the course, wit...

  • The Subtleties of Human Interaction

    ...in Fiji my house girl would often baffle me. When I asked if she would like a cup of tea she would reply, "Vinaka".Vi...use of digital devices for entertainment and communication th...l devises.The one to one computer environment needs to be mixe...

  • ePortfolios or Web Portals

    ...90's parents were parents and teachers were teachers. Few institution other...ge scrapbooks contained annotated examples of their work that...ed land perceived to be inhabited by the truly dedicated and s...not choose for yourself. Create your own web portal before yo...

  • Learning Communities Online

    Learning Communities Online A printable copy of the handbook is available to download. This is intended as a reference for school leaders, BOTs and other parties to use, and has been designed to be incorporated into a folder into which supplementary resources and notes can be added.

  • TeKids Session 3 Reflection

    ...ing this session the children were given a choice about how to present ther mini-inquiry research on Earthquakes using ICT. They all reverted back to tried and tested methods, e.g. PowerPoint,...