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  • Turn your iPad 1 or 2 into an IWB

    You need an iPad, computer, data projector, AirDisplay App $13.99 from iTunes and Ink2go App $19.99 from App Store. For detailed instructions of how to set up go here http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/iupgrade/id261231188

  • Yet another site...or is it?

    Am learning about a new site.  This looks a little like Netvibes, a little like blogger.com and not like wikispaces but I keep comparing the two!  I don't know how many websites I have visited or joined but I am looking forward to learning about this one.

  • Welcome - Aoraki Mount Cook School!

    ...eck us out - Nau mai Haere mai! Thanks to Bu for sharing from her latest newsletter: "The degree of connectivity...I found out about this through the NZ Virtual Learning Network (VLN) site and encourage other teachers...

  • Blogging about a Blog

    While posting my contacts (ie blog), I realised I haven't visited my own blogspot for quite a while...so while I'm charged, I'll be updating!

  • Analysing PAT results and Jeffrey Smith

    ...at the programme SPSS is one that we would want to investigate for the data analysis we want to do. There is a better option for the statisitcs we...ck statistics package which encourages students to investigate "what if" type analysis. If y...

  • Helen Barrett: The "Hook" at Pt. England School

    ...developed a brand new Google add-on with hapara.com called Teacher Dashboard, which provides a lot of support for a teacher managing a classroom ful...eer) almost weekly over the last 18 months to support a systemic approach to implementing t...

  • Cardboard Community

    ...h learners that 'shook my tree' since I began my teaching career - this is it! Sa...urney outside the square. Having presented workshops at ULearn Christch...uary 2011 and presenting to the King Country Cluster in the last holiday break Ap...

  • e-Learning Round-up | 15 August 2011

    ...ek, it's.... Michael Fawcett: He teaches Year 3s in Hamilton. Kno...oups focuses on connecting anyone interested in exploring what makes...les for your school's elearning strategy. Conversations emerging abo...discussion with Malvern ICTPD lead teachers: An informal discussion...

  • The right platform for online course

    ...choice, but my concern is about accessibility.Let’s say that I create a Facebook group for the cour...t). One other good point about Facebook is that if the students have a NZ Telecom Mobile phone they can ac...

  • Bright Sparks Electronics

    ...s, though the sessions weren't linked to any integrated learning objectives, they we...ons, developing sensors for measuring light and temperature and seeing how the...his is definitely a programme that could be adapted to the online environment,...