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  • Working with teachers and their classes

    During 2011, as part of my e-learning leadership role, I am working with teachers in their classrooms with their students to support embed...eacher and class I have started working with 'ran' with the CDROM resource...st session and rotated students workin...bsp; It wasn't a flash resource with...

  • Enabling e-Learning | What's on in Term 1 2015?

    Term 1 Enabling e-Learning Calendar of Events    Tēnā...join the community groups, engage with others and share this hub with friends and colleagues. Why n...   WEBINAR: Whakawhanaungatanga - Getting to know our...roup. Hosted in Adobe Connect with...

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  • Online Support for Students in Christchurch

      Following on from the tragedy of Christchurch comes the growing concern for more...students and is very easy to use - students simply login with a...ere on wickED can help you, and your parents and whānau, with...

  • Digital Citizenship at EGS

    Over the last two weeks we have had John Parsons from Simulate2Educate working with the students, staff and parents at our school....  Simulate 2 Educate is very pleased to be working with E...how easy it is to believe that you ra edealing with...

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  • K-3 Teacher resources

    This is a site I pay around 20 bucks a year for but it has been well worth it for games and other classroom resources.  I found it while I was working in Australia last year.  The activities are bright, interesting and easy to make up. Rachael

  • OtagoNet & DunedinNet (SouthTeach.net)

    OtagoNet & DunedinNet Regional Clusters ICTPD - Programme SummaryThe int...rning for students, particularly students working in blended learning enviro...building ‘communities of practice', with e...lture for personalising learning to grow withi...

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  • Giving Children a Voice

    This article was published in the Education Gazette In early August this ye...her recent trip to discuss the initiative with teachers in the United States...This freedom to express – combined with t...ta took the opportunity to learn what was worki...

  • e-learning for students with special needs

    ...ctive use of  e-learning with their students. What did we...rsonal development. Students with visual impairments can use th...ho is reluctant to write, was working on a literacy activity on...;Exciting times, particularly with Teacher C and her class who a...try new things, they share it with o...

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  • Phase 2: Scoping

      Once there is a commitment to proceed, and a level of ‘buy-in’ rea...support the work that will be required in coming up with a detailed plan. Also importan...stablishing a new LCO. The perspectives of parents/whana...

  • Phase 4: Implementation

      If the planning phase has been completed successfully the implementation phase should proceed with relative ease. It is importan...e problematic. Feedback from parents/whanau and students should be regula...and procedures operating effectively, with...

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  • Sustainability Working Group

    Sustainability Working Group

    This is the working area for the Sustainability working group.  All discussion, collaboration and relevant files will be found in this area

  • The VLN Community - Home of the Learning Communities Online (LCO)

    The VLN Community - Home of the Learning Communities Online (LCO)

    The Virtual Learning Network Community (VLNC) is a group of school clusters...The members of the VLNC work collaboratively but also in a reci...dents, staff as well as wider whanau and community.  This is mad...e right across New Zealand.   With more schools becoming connected...

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  • Tamara Toaolamai

    I am a Y8 teacher at Kirkwood Intermediate here in Ōtautahi. I have just become a fully certified/registered teacher and am enjoying the journey working with pre-teens.  I trained here in Ōtautahi and was fortunate to have placements across a range of schools with the advantage of having my ow...

    Skills: Coaching rugby, touch, tag football and netball. Working collaboratively with whanau and aiga.