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  • Tablets

    Just wondering what tablets people are using in their classes and for what purposes.  I've used an iPad but have just fallen in love with the Samsung Galaxy Note (out in November).  Have you seen it?

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  • Samsung Galaxy - Student Feedback on the Tablet

    We are trialling a number of devices for using next year.  As we use HP computers predominantly, Windows and Office, I thought we'd look at this tablet.  It's supposedly closest to the ipad2 (I've got one).  After Ulearn and a visit to Point england, I'm also trialling netbooks, fo...

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  • BYOD in schools

    BYOD in schools

    A group for discussing the issues, concerns, inspirations and  future visions for learners bringing their own device to school to support their learning. 

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  • Ross Reflective Summary

    Use of Net books in class compared to notebooks/desktops   We are a small U1 school with 16 students from the age of 5 to 11. Our cluster comprises of 5 schools, all with student levels under 140. Upon entry to the ICTPD contract the school had a bank of E-Macs and PC computers, all at lea...

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  • revelations | Samsung Revolution, or not?

    Tracy has been asked if she wants to particiapte in a Samsung tablet trial with her class. that should be interesting.

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  • Stephen McConnachie

    I teach Mathematics at Middleton Grange School in Christchurch. I teach Years 9-13, specialising in Calculus and Scholarship Calculus. I am particularly passionate (some would say geeky) about finding ways to effectively use ICT to raise both achievement and engagement in Mathematics, and sharing...

    Skills: IWB, tablets, interactivities, 2Touch Workbook, Moodle, blended learning

  • Samsung Tablet Mirroring on a projector or whiteboard

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