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  • Kidz Cannes 2011

    Points of Difference for 2011 Open day - teachers/parents/others Student mentors (Year 8s) Link Learning Cluster Theme/context for films announced at the festival! Choice of tools/harware etc. Film Festival is a fun training ground for teachers & students Premiere @ Suter Gallery ...

    Tags: flick-it on, film festival, sustainability

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability Sustainability is a theme that has emerged form the recent rounds of Cluster Network meetings with the key question being, ‘How can we plan for sustainability after the duration of our ICT PD contract?' Fullan (2005) highlights eight key elements of sustainability. These be...

    Tags: sustainability

  • Principals meet F2F - Discuss the future of the VLN Primary

    Last week a number of principals met after Rural and Sole charge Principals' Conference in Palmerston North. This is a milestone first for the VLN Primary with this important meeting being held face to face and attended by so many of our participating principals. Thanks to Janine from Massey CED ...

    Tags: principals, leadership, hui, sustainability, vln primary, governance