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  • Blended e-Learning Literacy

    Blended e-Learning Literacy

    This is a group formed by Jill Hammonds to support the e-Learning aspect of raising student achievement in literacy.  It is th...on tab to join in and/or initiate discussion about the use of e-Learning to suppo...

  • Wellington Loop Learning Support Teachers Group

    Wellington Loop Learning Support Teachers Group

    A group for teachers in the Wellington Loop (and other) Schools who work in the learning support area.

  • Soutbrook School

    Soutbrook School

    Hello Southbrook Staff! Only one click away from scoring 5 points! (Unless you still have to join 2 other groups... then there might be a few more clicks...)

  • Te Marautanga o Aotearoa PLD

    Te Marautanga o Aotearoa PLD

    Te Marautanga o Aotearoa is an outcomes-focused framework designed to support ākonga in Years 1-13.  It expresses both go...ty and culture.  Provision of services will support the shared vision of Kura, Wh...wo phases; Tupu Toi - Phase 1 involves suppo...

  • Wikieducator and OERs

    Wikieducator and OERs

    Helping support the development of Open Education Resources and the use of Wikieducator in schools. As broadband enables more and more collaboration between schools, O...

  • Bay of Plenty GATE

    Bay of Plenty GATE

    Through this forum our members seek to share and build our understanding of gifted education. We aim to  identify and support our gifted and talented students in the Bay of Plenty.

  • French eTeachers

    French eTeachers

    A place for French eteachers to discuss and share professional learning, resources, and collaborative support. For teachers who are working online in the VLN Community and for teachers with an interest to develop in online and blended teaching and learning.

  • Primary Science Teacher Fellowship

    Primary Science Teacher Fellowship

    This group is for current Fellows and alumni of the Royal Society of New Zealand Primary Science Teacher Fellowship...a place for Fellows to communicate their science passions and journeys, and to suppo...

  • Ngā kākano puāwai o Kaikohekohe

    Ngā kākano puāwai o Kaikohekohe

    As part of the Intensive Community ECE Participation project in Kaikohekohe we have deve...'real' community needs and requires commitment and support from networks within Kaikohek...hekohe tree.  We are responsible for nurturing and suppo...

  • ECE Identity, Language, Culture and Community Engagement - Kaikohekohe

    ECE Identity, Language, Culture and Community Engagement - Kaikohekohe

    This is a support network group for some of the Early Childhood Centres of Kaikohekohe: Hillcrest Kindergarten KaTui Early Childhood Learning Centre Kaikohe Playcen...