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  • Strategic Planning for e-Learning

    ...effective use of e-Learning in your schools.  Share ideas, plans, successes and things you have learned...uded an assessment tool to support our self review and to evaluate the success of this target... Gold, Silve...

  • Leadership of Lead Teachers

    In your role as formal leaders of e-Learning in your schools, how do you effectively lead e-learning development and measure the success of e-learning in supporting learning and achievement in your schools.

  • Tahunanui School

    ...lace survey and  student progress in curriculum areas.  Our annual e-learning targets reflect national and cluster e-learning goals and success indicators. The action pla...

  • Our People

    ...ation team led by The University of Auckland and existing community and iwi-based networks, such as Manaiakalani and Kura a Iwi, is essential for success. An important aspect of Brian...