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  • Working through theming our school moodle, running online subject selection and opened up google apps for all students today

  • Dear VLN- could there be a better way of having a subject line rather than 35 lots of 'new discussion post'?

  • @AllanahK The issue of email subject lines has been raised - it's a known issue (believe me, I know!) and it's on the list for development!

  • wondering how vln fits with Mahara, twitter, email, subject cluster forums etc etc. Info overload anyone??

  • @AllanahK - in next 3 or 4 weeks we will have subject lines added to forum email notifications.

  • @glen.davies Hi Glen saw a reply you made about notification subject lines being added soon. Well done - That'll be cool!!!

  • Hi - the subject line for discussion posts is back to onle the words "discussion post" like the olden days. Was there an upgrade, lol?