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  • Student Led Conference

    Student led Conference held at Mid North motor Inn, 14th July, 2011. 4 students from each of the 12 schools presented workshops to 4 attendees - made up form the 12 schools. Awesome day - lots of focussed learning and sharing.

    Tags: students, ict learning, collaboration, resources

  • Turning Students Into Teachers

    Turning Students Into Teachers - worth visiting this article again.  Using ShowMe and Screen Chomp

    Tags: showme, screenchomp, students, teachers

  • Edublogs: Student Blogging Challenge

    Are you a student with your own blog? Are you a teacher with a class blog? Are you an interested teacher, educator, home school parent or pre-service teacher with a bit of time on your hands? If you want to take part in the 8th student blogging challenge then it is now time to register. Hover...

    Tags: challenge, students, blogging