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  • Jo Gibson

    About me: ...s online (in e.g. Moodle, Elgg and Google Apps) and implement all with students and schools. Consultant / Ad...rk with the MOE for ELLINZ online - an online programme for Y7-13 ESOL students in schools without ESOL speci...

  • Sam Cunnane

    About me: ...hy we do things the way we do and then suggesting possible alternatives). Also University of Waikato (teaching NCEA Visual Arts to Grad Dip Teach students) . And Idea Workshop (providi...

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  • Curriculum at Tahunanui School

    ...e collaboration with families and wider community To enhance high quality learning with the use of I.C.T. To develop the total wellbeing of our students and our school environment...

  • Tahunanui School

    Resources E-Learning Annual Plan 2011 Professional Development Wikispace for Teachers at Tahunanui School Tahunanui Parent Wikispace - Cyber Safety & E-Learning Tahunanui Student Wikispace - Cyber Safety/Web 2.0 Tools/Webpages

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  • DRAMA! is there anyone who will/can offer L1 drama in 2011? I have four students wanting this course! Ta, J.

  • DRAMA! is there anyone who will/can offer L1 drama in 2011? I have four students wanting this course! Ta, J.

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  • Giving Children a Voice

    ...ckland. It is largely made up of students from minority communities and...ing focussed on the needs of the students and their community and findi...One way that Juanita gives her students a voice is by posting their s...logies to make learning real for students.” It is this freedom...

  • e-learning for students with special needs

    ...tunities that will help their students experience e-learning. It is...resources that inspire their students. Sharing of resources is at...he could communicate with the students and staff while he was away....ns for the cluster For the students, their experiences are openin...

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  • Phase 2: Scoping

    ...– their experience and insights may save a lot of time and wasted effort in establishing a new LCO. The perspectives of parents/whanau and students must not be neglected in this...

  • Phase 4: Implementation

    ...roblematic. Feedback from parents/whanau and students should be regularly sought, a...nd among the participating schools, staff and students will be critical to the succe...cessfully, and a positive experience for both students and staff. Support systems an...

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  • West e-Learning Cluster

    West e-Learning Cluster

    We are looking at establishing a collaboration across our West Cluster (Flaxmere Schools and Raureka School) with the focus being on e-Learning and how we can use it to enhance the achievement of students. This is where we can share any ideas with our e -Learning Cluster.    

  • The VLN Community - Home of the Learning Communities Online (LCO)

    The VLN Community - Home of the Learning Communities Online (LCO)

    ...order to enhance the learning outcomes and opportunities for learners (students, teachers, school communities...lso in a reciprocal manner to provide learning pathways for both their students, staff as well as wider whana...

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  • Photography Info and Activity

    Tags: photography, students, elements

  • Development of Digital Citizenship

    National Goal 1 Students to become successful digital citizens The focus Cluster Goal 1 Students are capable, creative and ethical users of ICT who use critical thinking to participate in a range of authentic learning experiences. The rationale All the Te Apiti ICT Cluster goals for 2011 ar...

    Tags: reflective summary, digital citizenship, Te Apiti ICT Cluster, students,

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