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  • You might want to discuss this with your students or colleagues http://wimp.com/glasstechnologies/

  • Video excerpts from a session three Wintec tutors did with the Curriculum Integration Project students last term http://tinyurl.com/79hghj5

  • Hey all. Wondering if anyone can suggest some great resources to teach equity to my Yr8 students...Help!

  • How can I support junior students with dyslexia in reading/writing?

  • First ever #eelslow chat today. Why should schools partner with the community? What benefit is it to the learning of our students? #eelsl

  • thinking about clickview on students devices, need to investigate if there is a web portal for internal videos

  • Nice piece by an ex-student about our project. http://www.waikatoindependent.co.nz/2012/04/fraser-high-students-integrate-subjects/4180/

  • Skootle Snapshot - Inquiry results in connections being made with a New Zealand author, students’ and their teachers. http://bit.ly/PTETd5

  • Joy of Science http://bit.ly/RfNPuM is about motivating students to use observation and discussion to deepen their science understanding

  • Q3 in our slowchat in Twitter is >>> What goals do you and your community have for students? Join us there follow #eelslow