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  • Take a look at the eLearning-Teaching Group for good examples of students' eLearning. I've posted about the InspireNet Manawatu Digi Awards

  • Natasha Furness is looking for the best way to add live links to her blog for students to access. Can you help? http://bit.ly/1CtYZW0

  • Check out these two great snapshots: Using technologies to support students learning English: http://bit.ly/ZQA7nQ and http://bit.ly/VQBaNu

  • Curiosity at its best: The Virtue of Virtual Fieldtrips (LEARNZ) for students http://bit.ly/12UqojC

  • Success is students who WANT to go to school: Iwi and whānau speak http://ning.it/1fRibBw

  • Wahoo! NZ students gained 3 x1st & 2 x 2nd places at the International Future Problem Solving competition this week. www.fpsnz.co.nz

  • What nice looking e-portfolios do people use with staff and with students

  • Video: Teaching Grit Cultivates Resilience and Perseverance to help students achieve: http://j.mp/1zbzlSk

  • Northland Coll venue, 100 primary students, 12 schools rep, student ICT conference - Learners leading learning? - PRICELESS! Rawe Kaikohe!

  • Proposal for next meeting is to collate suggestions for next year. My first would be to that students subscribe to LP before starting.