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  • I'm keen to hear from anyone who is using http://pinterest.com/ with senior secondary students.

  • Is anyone using android devices with students?

  • One World Project http://tiny.cc/8l06w invitation for NZ schools to join. An opportunity to video conference also. Suitable younger students

  • Is there a way to share a url with my students and not have any adds come up in the sidebar?

  • Rich and friendly discussion running on cybersafety activities for intermediate students http://bit.ly/InpJZ4. What do you do?

  • Hi there is there any information regarding eportfolios to assist with tertiary students training in Māori Medium?

  • @learneruk Cool to see you here. Just had the most amazing day filming current and ex students from BLENNZ talking about access to learning.

  • I want your best ideas for talking about Facebook to intermediate age students!

  • What are you doing for ANZAC Day with your students? Do you have anything to share? http://bit.ly/IA1x6y

  • Check out the Passionfruit Magazine website: http://www.passionfruitmagazine.co.nz/ I'm feeling pretty proud of my students right now!