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  • West e-Learning Cluster

    West e-Learning Cluster

    We are looking at establishing a collaboration across our West Cluster (Flaxmere Schools and Raureka School) with the focus being on e-Learning and how we can use it to enhance the achievement of students. This is where we can share any ideas with our e -Learning Cluster.    

  • The VLN Community - Home of the Learning Communities Online (LCO)

    The VLN Community - Home of the Learning Communities Online (LCO)

    ...order to enhance the learning outcomes and opportunities for learners (students, teachers, school communities...lso in a reciprocal manner to provide learning pathways for both their students, staff as well as wider whana...

  • JPC English RT

    JPC English RT

    This a a group for students of English at John Paul College, set up by their teacher 'RT'.

  • LCO Handbook

    LCO Handbook

    ...for rural secondary schools in New Zealand who were exploring the use of video conferencing as a means of expanding access to course options for students. It was intended to provide a...

  • Science: a blended e-learning approach

    Science: a blended e-learning approach

    This group has been developed for primary school teachers and students to share ideas, resources and strategies that motivate interest and participation in science, and making science...

  • 2011 cluster visits

    2011 cluster visits

    Planning for 2011 visits to clusters for Eddie to talk to: Principals, teachers and students

  • Three Rivers ICTPD Cluster

    Three Rivers ICTPD Cluster

    The Three Rivers ICTPD Cluster is made up of 9 Paeroa and 1 Morrinsville primary schools. Our logo was designed by students from Miller Avenue School in Paeroa and is based around the...

  • The Ministry of Education Student Gallery

    The Ministry of Education Student Gallery

    ...d like to hear from schools that may want to display examples of their students' artwork in the Ministry and...ed in providing artwork will need to obtain written consent from their students. Student consent form (Wor...

  • e-wrapper cluster

    e-wrapper cluster

    ...-learning journey is about improving the teaching and learning for our students, by raising engagement and pr...priority for the cluster schools. We aim to have both highly enthused students and teachers who are excited...

  • Te Manawa Pou 2011

    Te Manawa Pou 2011

    ...) programme . Te Manawa Pou aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning of te reo Māori in English-medium primary schools for years 1-8 students, through the provision of a p...