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  • Reflections on our inaugural student conference - Milestone 3

    The cluster held a student conference week 2 term 2. Want to do this? Here you will find our planning, subsequent actions and reflections. Contact us if you need to know more.

    Tags: Making Connections - linking digitally, student conference, student-centered, reflective summary, milestone 3, events

  • Reflections on our inaugural student conference - Milestone 3

    What was important for us and why? Our cluster goals are: Student will have opportunities to develop an understanding of what it means to be a digital citizen and to develop the skills required. Students will have opportunities to collaborate with others across the cluster and beyond. We ...

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  • Our Students' Journey

    Background and Journey When we first entered the Cluster in 2010, a suggestion was made to host a student led confernece.  With the seed planted, we set the date for July, 2011. The journey to this has been a learning process for everyone. Each school had to ensure they had their infrastr...

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