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  • Karen Hughes

    About me: Team teaching in a Year3/4 class in the Naki.  Love learning alongside my students and colleagues.  Value student agency, LwDT, collaboration, students owning/managing the learning.  Key competencies sit at the heart of the curriculum.  

  • amandao

    About me: I am team teaching in a MLE (minus the modern, add in the pedagogy) with 50 amazing Yr 3/4 students. I am passionate about Student Agency and Future Focused Learning.  Interests: Student Agency

  • Lisette Williams

    About me: ...s High School. I have also taught English, Classics and Social Studies.  I have a love for collaborative learning, literacy and encouraging student agency

  • Hamish McLean

    About me: ...paces ranging from 3 classes opened up for 83 students and 3 teachers, to two class...ened up with 3 teachers.  We utalise teachers/students/community to facilitate learning.  We promote teacher and student agency, where the students plan our...

  • Lisa Maniapoto

    Interests: blending e learning for writing; MLE's in 100 year classrooms; developing student agency