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  • Inquiry Projects

    Inquiry Projects – e-LFA Cluster Hamilton Overview The e-Lfa cluster is a comprised of two schools; Hamilton’s Fraser High School (HFHS) and Sacred Heart Girls’ College Hamilton (SHGC). Both schools are at very different places in our ICT PD cycle as HFHS has recently returned ...

    Tags: teaching as inquiry, National Goals, professional learning, student achievement

  • Increased engagement & achievement – Where is the evidence?

    A final reflection from NorthGlen on the progress made towards raising student engagement and achievement through eLearning tools and strategies.   Initial Resistance Teachers who were unfamiliar with the attractions of the cyberworld responded as expected. Their responses included: A ...

    Tags: inquiry cycle, evidence, student engagement, student achievement, NorthGlen Cluster, Milestone 6, learning needs of teachers

  • Enhancing the way in which cumulative data of student achievement is stored and used throughout the school

    Cluster Goals: Senior Leadership Team to lead the integration of e-learning in their schools. —Teachers to integrate elearning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all students. What are we in the process of changing? Enhancing t...

    Tags: reflective summary, musac, student achievement, tracking progress, student data