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  • Strategic Planning for e-Learning

    What are you doing to strategically plan for the effective use of e-Learning in your schools.  Share ideas, plans, successes and things you have learned about this process and how to effectively measure the targets you are setting.   Enner Glynn School Here is our plan for 2011. ...

    Tags: strategy

  • Strategic Planning for e-Learning

    Use this page to share links to effective strategy and share example of strategic planning in your schools

    Tags: strategy, planning, elearning integration

  • EGS Target eLearning Page 1

    Page one of our eLearning Target for 2011.

    Tags: strategy, eLearning

  • EGS Target eLearning Page 2

    Page 2 of our eLearning target for 2011

    Tags: strategy, eLearning

  • Riverdale School's in-class support

    Cluster Goal 2 Strong leadership of eLearning Cluster Goal 3 Teachers and students use ICTs capably, creatively and considerately within authentic learning experiences resulting in higher levels of student The context To support and empower the staff teaching in the Junior school to trial ...

    Tags: Te Apiti ICT Cluster, elearning, modelling, scaffolding, support, teaching as inquiry, students, strategy, leadership

  • Managing BYOD at Albany Senior High | Notes from PoriruaNet

    A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the PoriruaNet Cluster conference, to facilitate a couple of workshops on Enabling e-Learning and blended professional learning for schools. It was great to see four schools coming together to explore the way they were using technology for learning - and t...

    Tags: byod, ako, strategy, vision

  • NEW: A national strategic plan for science and technology in society

    Tags: science, pld, professional learning, school, education, technology, strategy, plan, Ministry

  • William Hamilton

    I am a technologist with a strong interest in education and educating.  My background includes teaching at the tertiary level along with private organisation training and development.  I enjoy seeing that "aha!" moment when the light-bulb switches on and understanding happens. More r...

    Skills: ICT, eLearning, strategy, Scratch, coding, electronics, engineering, computational thinking