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  • Derek Wenmoth

    Director, eLearning at CORE education. Previously a teacher, principal and teacher educator. Spent time in Wellington working at Correspondence School and Ministry of Education, before returning to Christchurch and taking up my role at CORE.

    Skills: strategic planning, futures thinking

  • eLearning strategy 2011-2013 Nayland Primary School

    This is Nayland Primary School's eLearning strategic plan. We have incorporated some of the eCompetencies into this plan as we see them to be a key to enable staff management of eLearning. Not all eCompetencies are included as we are introducing them as authentically as possible to ensure the u...

    Tags: strategic planning, integrating e-learning, e-learning, eCompetencies

  • Goal 2 Reflective Summary 2011

    The following is a summary of National Goal 2 for 2011 for the Mantar Cluster (Milestone 4). Cluster:  Year 2 of Cluster Programme - Primary Cluster Years 0-8 Cluster Type:  ICT PD Context:  The Management Team of this Cluster is composed of  the Principal's of the five ...

    Tags: ictpd, cluster, principals, e-learning, strategic planning, teachers, students, leadership

  • Building an effective BYOD plan

    Building an Effective School BYOD Plan View more PowerPoint from Sam Gliksman I had the pleasure of attending the seminar hosted by TorqueIP in Wellington recently where Sam Gliksman shared his thoughts about building an effective school BYOD plan. The event was extremely well attended, as ...

    Tags: byod, strategic planning

  • Norrie Mailer

    Skills: Educational Management, technology integration, content provision and creation, e-learning implementation, strategic planning, school governance.

  • Upgrade to Infrastructure and Hardware at Te Mata School

    Te Mata School is a decile 10 school situated in Havelock North, Hawkes Bay.  ICT leaders Amy Mc Lennan and Danielle Burroughs interviewed their Principal Mike Bain on the new  infrastructure at Te Mata School. They questioned him on his choices, reasoning behind purchases and where he...

    Tags: infrastructure, hardware, strategic planning

  • Strategic Planning

    This space is to support Strategic planning, E-Learning Strategic planning and Curriculum design.

    Tags: strategic planning, ELPF

  • Lynne Silcock

    I am passionate about assistive technology and the ways that a variety of standard technologies can be used to support a wide range of students in any classroom. I believe that the combination of technology and universal design for learning has a huge potential to help many students who currently...

    Skills: Leadership, teaching and facilitating, innovation, research, strategic planning

  • Granthod

    Kia ora tatou,  I am semi retired after a career involved in NZ Education, initially as a pupil in Hamilton, (a very distracted) B.Sc. student at Otago, (1969-74), Secondary Teacher, (Rangiora HS), Hostel Manager ( Rangiora HS), Guidance Counsellor ( Onslow), Then was involved as Project Planner ...

    Skills: Strategic Planning, Project Management, Project Planning, Facilitation