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  • Chained to 2 screens in my BLAT cave. Slaving feverishly over planning for 5 Literacy workshops - why do we say we'll do these things ???

  • It's raining, so why not sign up for today's free online workshop on the e-Learning Planning Framework http://bit.ly/qtYL4j

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  • Phase 2: Scoping

    ...tration & Support Strategies Finance/Funding Evaluation & Strategic Planning   Outcome:...tment from participating members of the group to participate in the planning and further development of th...

  • Phase 4: Implementation

      If the planning phase has been completed successfully the impleme...owever, not to depend only on the planning for the succes...mplementation. While the detailed planning provides an essential framewo...Finance/Funding Evaluation & Strategic Planning   Outcome:...

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  • Derek Wenmoth

    Director, eLearning at CORE education. Previously a teacher, principal and teacher educator. Spent time in Wellington working at Correspondence School and Ministry of Education, before returning to Christchurch and taking up my role at CORE.

    Skills: strategic planning, futures thinking

  • eLearning strategy 2011-2013 Nayland Primary School

    This is Nayland Primary School's eLearning strategic plan. We have incorporated some of the eCompetencies into this plan as we see them to be a key to enable staff management of eLearning. Not all eCompetencies are included as we are introducing them as authentically as possible to ensure the u...

    Tags: strategic planning, integrating e-learning, e-learning, eCompetencies

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