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  • Video maths solutions

    I wrote the solutions to 2010 NCEA paper and then videoed them as I went over the solutions. Due to large file sizes we decided to upload to a YouTube channel that we specially set up, and then have a link in Moolde for the student access. Students can also subscribe to the channel so they a...

    Tags: northglen, statistics, probability, NCEA

  • Sophie Wright

    I am a Maths teacher at Mount Roskill Grammar school. I love hard Maths problems. Also Stats scholarship and thinking about how to build statistical literacy. I am also the Director of e-Learning at MRGS. I get to work with an amazing group of teachers who are leading the way in their department...

    Tags: mathematics, elearning, statistics. Skills: statistics, moodle, spreadsheets

  • Web Usage Stats, Data and Infographics

    I am always fascinated by the rate of change of statistics and data around the web and am always looking for the very latest to add to my presentations/workshops with teachers.  This resource is a place to collect and store some of the articles, infographics and slideshows as I find them. &n...

    Tags: internet, social media, usage, statistics, data, infographics,

  • Statistical concepts

    Statistical concepts Source: http://assessment.tki.org.nz/Using-evidence-for-learning/Concepts Why do I need to know about statistical concepts? The more you understand about statistical concepts, the greater is your ability to read and understand graphs and data sets, analyse resul...

    Tags: statistics, data analysis

  • Google Sheets for NCEA Maths & Statistics?

    Tags: Google Sheets, NCEA, maths, statistics

  • Maths & Statistics ICT Community

    Maths & Statistics ICT Community

    Welcome to this community of Mathematics and Statistics teachers who are interested in using ICT in their teaching. All levels of experience and interest are welcome, whether you're a beginner wondering where to start, or an expert wondering where to next. Share ideas, issues, questions, stea...

    Tags: maths, mathematics, ict, technology, web 2.0, statistics, teachers

  • Where are we in the VLN?

    We’ve been talking a lot about Personalising learning for students lately on the VLN, and I’ve recently shared some ideas about Sneaky ways to fit professional learning into a busy schedule during ULearn14 in the presentation below. Judging from the following Google Analytics...

    Tags: google, analytics, site, statistics, community, activity, enabling e-learning

  • Where we have been in 2016?

    We've arrived at the end of the year, and what a year it's been!  Thank you to everyone who has joined us online.  In 2016 Enabling e-Learning (TKI and VLN) captured your voice in:   Enabling e-Learning 2,090 members, 8 blog posts, 19 discussion po...

    Tags: online, metrics, statistics, updates, community, overview, activity

  • New Survey from NZCER on Digital Technologies.

    Digital Technologies survey from NZCER released http://www.nzcer.org.nz/research/publications/digital-technologies-learning-national-survey.  

    Tags: digital-technologies, computer-science, coding, design, perseverance, code, pupils, code-club, blocks, school, elementary, k1-7, learning, creative, news, statistics