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  • Fun times simultaneously learning to use this VLN, teaching others how to use it, and discussing the new Level 2 standards.

  • Great to hear about how the NZC and new Visual Arts standards are increasing options for students in small schools #VisartsPD2011

  • Had a great first VC for this years VisartsPD workshop. 18 people from Northland to Dunedin discussing the new Level 2 Visual Arts standards

  • Hi, I would like to take part in inter-school moderation of Level 3 ESOL standards. 17372 - write recounts. Others interested?

  • English language standards

  • Hi! Does anyone have any L4 Reading Unit Standards? Kind regards Richard

  • New codes and standards interactive resource (mind map), dive in and make this your own: https://vln.school.nz/discussion/view/977420

  • Check out our new page, the Teacher Standards are unpacked with lots of examples and resource links http://bit.ly/2DYnNdj

  • NCEA levels 2 and 3 digital technologies standards – Come along on 27 February for this webinar: https://bit.ly/2BTEPJU