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  • e-Buddy programme summary

    Summary: the Cluster for Higher Learning e-buddy programme Context: Over the pas...tool when our learning was around giving effective speeches.  Students enjoyed this along-side using email of their written speech for...

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    ...plans with notifications and speech on a phone, tablet or laptop. Use alarms and text-to-speech to help keep focus on planned...ung children only have object recognition with photos. The "T...classrooms, autism programs, speech language programs, and homes aroun...

  • Video clips of interest to me

    Aug. 18,  2016 Understanding collaborative inquiry Aug  13, 2013 Teacher tips 2 Practical Ideas July 26, 2013 Teacher tips 1  Adapting your Language March 12, 2009  Speech - Articulation, Voice and Fluency March 11, 2013 How to Improve Articulation and Diction

  • Ten Trend: Micro-credentialing

      What’s it about?...-degrees, these credentials promise recognition for workforce upskilling and...and,  they provide immediate recognition for that chunk of learning, r...using external motivators (rewards, recognition) to drive intrinsic motivatio...