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  • Video: The Power of Words

    Tags: literacy, social studies, special learning needs

  • Multiple options for learning: Using the iPad

    Here's the video that was recently shared on the ICTPD Online newsletter. It demonstrates the potential of creating learning environments that include learners with all sorts of learning styles.   Click to play      

    Tags: ipad, special learning needs, inclusion, diverse learners, digital literacy

  • Supporting students with special learning needs using iPads

    Great discussion thread (Running in the Primary iPads group), on how the iPad is a tool that might support students with special learning needs. This could support the Ministry of Education's Success for All - Every School, Every Child plan of action..

    Tags: special learning needs, ipads, ministry of education

  • Sharing technologies to support special education needs: a wiki

    Their purpose....."The founding members of this wiki consist of "old" therapists, with over 200 years of experience working with special populations and technology. We hope that people will use this site to make informed decisions before downloading. Our purpose in creating this wiki is to fos...

    Tags: special learning needs, special needs, wiki

  • Universal Design for Learning

    Universal Design for Learning

    Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a tool to help us design to include from the outset. It's guidelines prompt us to consider what will enable rather than dis-able learners in the way we teach and organise learning. When you look at the guidelines, you'll see somethings you do already, bu...

    Tags: all learners, accessibility, universal design for learning, udl, curriculum design, curriculum, diverse learners, diversity, special learning needs, assistive technology

  • iPad-sharing#3 Apps-to-support-children-with-very-special-needs

    This post was written on my Edublog. I thought I would just try copying the html here and see how or if it works. If you feel like commenting please do so on the Edublog so the feedback is in one place. Yesterday I had the privilege to meet a group of people, mainly mothers of young children wit...

    Tags: ios, ipad, special learning needs, special education needs, special education

  • Point To Pictures for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Point to Pictures is an Augmentative Communication *training* app designed for those persons *learning* to point/select a picture on an iPad in order to *get* that item in real life. The app is usually $25 US but free at the moment for Thanksgiving. Might be useful for children with speech issu...

    Tags: ipad, ios, special education, special learning needs

  • Think like there is no box!

    Spectronics Conference 2012

    Tags: UDL, learning differences, special learning needs, learning design

  • Apps for Special Education : Spectronics - Inclusive Learning Technologies

    I like that it gives little demo videos of it can to let you know what the app looks like when its working.

    Tags: ipad, special learning needs, special needs, ios

  • UDL video library

    Here are 5 videos introducing UDL. If you would like to view them on YouTube with their interactive transcripts, please follow the links in the list below: Variability Matters by Todd Rose on YouTube. Universal Design for Learning – an overview from Maryland Education department o...

    Tags: UDL, learning differences, special learning needs