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  • JenniferR

    About me: Principal at Patricia Avenue School in Hamilton.  Patricia Avenue is a school for students aged 5-21 with special learning needs.




  • Curriculum at Tahunanui School

    TAHUNANUI SCHOOL CHARTER Vision Statement To be a caring, dynamic school community committed to life long learning. Mission Statement Through high quality teaching and learning, foster confident, active and...ider community To enhance high quality learn...

  • Enabling e-Learning website is live in TKI

    The Enabling e-Learning site is now live on TKI!   Enabling e-Learning, the Ministry of Education&rsq...w live on TKI.About Enabling e-learningEnabling e-Learning, is t...achers need to improve their e-learning practice. Enabling e-Lea...cated area on TKI [http://www.elearn...

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  • Introduction to the Virtual Learning Network

      Welcome to the Virtual Learning Network (VLN)  |  / This is a social learning community that supports learn...nistry of Education's wider e-learning strategy. What's in it for m...We know that there is great e-learning practice happening all over N...cipate in online professional learn...

  • Regional Meeting Oct 5 2010 Minutes

    ...dy identified as an area that needs further inquiry Professional...t makes a difference, visible learning lab (hates research) inquiry...school may no longer meet our needs for 2011 groups of cross-school...committed to using ict as a learning tool 6 schools on contract a...

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  • Giving Children a Voice

    ...resent at the Ohio Innovative Learning Environments conference........iven by being focussed on the needs of the students and their commun...through innovation that this special type of online forum helps the...resent at the Ohio Innovative Learning Environments conference. As w...

  • e-learning for students with special needs

    ...level – 5 -21 year old special needs students Context - School prog...students with a wide range of special needs. The cluster consists of six sp...(regardless of her very high needs), she is obsessed with Justin Bi...p;Sensory rooms are common in special needs schools, and the recent addit...

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  • Phase 2: Scoping

      Once there is a commitment to proceed...be neglected in this phase, as their needs must be paramount in terms of de...networks. Shared vision and values. Needs analysis among learner cohort...rt Pedagogy Technical Coordination Learning and Teaching Resources Ad...

  • Phase 4: Implementation

      If the planning phase has been compl...tionships and Communication Learner Needs Logistical Coordination Profes...t Pedagogy Technical Coordination Learning and Teaching Resources Admin...here is a commitment to maintain the Learning Community for an agreed pe...

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  • West e-Learning Cluster

    West e-Learning Cluster

    We are looking at establishing a collaboration across our West Cluster (Flaxmere Schools and Raureka School) with the focus being on e-Learning and how we can use it to enhance the achievement of students. This is where we can share any ideas with our e -Learning Cluster.    

  • E-Pilot: Enhancing Literacy with ICT.

    E-Pilot: Enhancing Literacy with ICT.

    This project aims to utilise a blended approach to teacher professional learning.Our group is made up of a tot...content can assist in meeting the diverse literacy needs of our learners?'  

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