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  • Being a presenter

    Whether being a new entrant presenting their first news talk, or a secondary school student presenting a report on an inquiry study, standing up unaided with no props or prompts, can be a daunting task.  The five year old often brings something to show to the class and talk about - maybe s...

    Tags: oral language, presenter, presenting, presentation technique, speaking, audio tools

  • Conversation

    Standing up and presenting may not be a love for all our students, but engaging in conversation certainly can be, and yet only a small amount of time is set aside in many classrooms to engage in conversation.  Perhaps part of this is because we are less able to capture this style of learni...

    Tags: conversation, oral language, speaking

  • Debating and persuading

    If emotion is the basis of a great speech, then debating or persuading offers the opportunity for greatness to be achieved.  While you may have no desire to set up a formal debate within your class, practising the skills of developing an argument or holding a point of view can be an import...

    Tags: oral language, speaking, debating, persuading, persuasive speaking, e-Learning

  • Language apps for English language learners

    Kia ora Thank you to Peter and Judith for the feedback on my last update on ELLs and  phonological and phonemic awareness. I hope that community members found it helpful.    Last week I attended a meeting where it was great to hear teachers sharing some of thei...

    Tags: Language apps, ESOL, ELLs. oral language, speaking

  • Luisa

    I am currently teaching ESOL secondary school students in Auckland.  Have real passion for English Langauge Learners. 

    Skills: Speaking

  • Murray Lucas

    Principal Tawa College Interested in Restorative Practices Taught Maths, Chemistry, economics Educated at Tawa College, Victoria University

    Skills: Motivation, Teaching, Speaking