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  • Jo Gibson

    About me: ...th enterprise. international virtual field trips and community service. coaching teachers and tutors to develop modules/courses, build eClassroom spaces online (in e.g. Moodle, Elgg...

  • Fiona

    About me: As a Professional Learning and Development Facilitator Fiona collaborates with educators to successfully inquire into their practice to strengthen the capability of te...

  • Simon Evans

    About me: ...Software for Learning site on TKI, the S4L blog hosted within the VLN and production of the associated newsletter. I suppose my presence in this space is two fold: I want to use...

  • Tessa Gray

    About me: ...s Enabling e-Learning and CORE Education's community of practice, edSpace. A big part of my role, is...to help build a sense of community identity in the VLN community groups space. I'm here to help support...

  • RawiriMckinney

    About me: ...ut our level 3 NCEA health programme Mana Arahi. Awesome response in 2010 pilot, 100% pass rate and students blown away by the experience. Limited spaces 2010. Register on the site a...

  • Jacqui Sharp

    Website: elearningclassroom.wikispaces.com

  • Lyn Ross

    About me: I live in Palmerston North.  I love all things digital and I can't begin to imagine life without the Internet, my iPad or my iPhone! I enjoy creating online spaces.Skills: creating online spacesWebsite: http://lynross.wikispaces.com

  • Suzie Vesper

    Website: http://suzieslinks.com, http://educationalsoftware.wikispaces.com, http://learningweb2.wikispaces.com

  • Cyndi Kruijer

    Website: http://www.queenstown.school.nz/ClassSpace/2334/, http://qps-room23.blogspot.com/, http://qps-rm23.blogspot.co.nz/, http://qpspd.blogspot.co.nz/

  • Peter Potter

    Website: www.eduspace.co.nz