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  • KathC

    Interests: learning spaces

  • Kelliem

    About me: ...view to making eLearning more manageable at a classroom level by developing eCompetencies which breaks it down into 5 more manageable chunks. wikispaces; NPS-professional Developmen...

  • BecPower

    Website: http://kidzcanfilm.wikispaces.com/

  • Karen Porritt

    Website: room32011.wikispaces.com, http://www.standrewsprimary.school.nz/

  • nickleith

    Website: www.porthills.wikispaces.com

  • Peter Hills

    About me: Been around in this space for along time - a very long time.  Started the first ICTPD cluster and am in 2 currently - as a school and a region. Passionate about education and the opportunity that online communities can offer.      

  • Sonya Van Schaijik

    About me: ...chool on VLN Coreefellow 2011  O lou lauga mo le Fagasa Interested in teachers making connections between the nodes and acknowledging the space in between.  VLN member si...

  • Tan1a

    Interests: wikispaces

  • Lesa Lafaelle

    About me: ...only been teaching in this level for 4 years but I had actually been teaching at this school for a while.  My old class wikispace can be still accessed at www.t1-2012.wikispaces.com and from here, you can a...Skills: wikispaces and other what-nots!Website: http://room7ateps-2013.wikispaces.com/

  • Peter Corlett

    About me: ...a yr5/6 class. The classroom is a lively, active and exciting learning space where amazing kids do amazing...ry out new and innovative things. My passion is to create safe learning spaces and the kind of environment...