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  • Does he get a free iPad?;-) It's testimony to how an online space can really serve a need - and here in the VLN, also link to others, too:-)

  • I’m off to EducampBOP at Tauranga Int on Saturday morning.Love others to come - I’ve got space in my car! http://educampbop.wikispaces.com

  • To all VLN members >> I would be delighted if you could tell me what you think of the VLN as a space for you to learn: http://bit.ly/RdCvA7

  • WOOHOO!!! VLN Groups reaches 10,000 members!!! Congratulations to Adele Quinn who joined today. Watch this space for a wee treat, Adele;)

  • Welcome new members to the VLN Groups space. Why not replace that grey stranger with an avatar and tell us a bit about yourselves :-)

  • I can see how it could be treacherous. Even as I listen to John's interview I see kids in the space, behaving badly. Never heard of it b4.

  • Could your students create a similar sign http://goo.gl/Gw3cs and share in VLN space? http://goo.gl/N2GEb

  • ..has finally updated her VLN profile and PL space...WYSIWYG - http://room6ateps2013.weebly.com/professional-learning.html

  • ...my PLN is nearly complete...six years of slog now one place in ict space...yippee! http://angelwitat2tude.weebly.com/

  • Greetings, VLN is a great space for sharing ideas, information, and resources