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  • Social Media in the Classroom

    Interesting blog post from the Committeed Sardine blog: "The New York Times has an interesting trend piece on a number of teachers who are incorporating social media tools into the classroom to prompt more participation from students who might not otherwise speak up. The idea is that by using ...

    Tags: social media, classroom, teaching

  • Global echo from school's tiny tweet

    Great example here of how a school community used technology to extend the reach of its message. "...The learning curve was swift and steep for Uruti and its children. They were living the video and its promotion through a combination of personal contact, press releases and social media. They ...

    Tags: social media, community, global, rural, primary, youtube, video, ed gazette

  • Social media support: Blogging and 'web 2.0' considerations for schools

    This will take you to the resource on NetSafe's LGP site. 'Blogging and Web 2.0 considerations for schools' is a pdf, created to "assist schools in developing a policy for the safe and educationally appropriate use" of various 'web 2.0' tools.

    Tags: cybersafety, netsafe, blogging, web 2.0, digital citizenship, social media

  • Learning Architects

    Learning Architects was established with the vision of empowering education and business professionals through the use of new technologies, sustainable and smart systems, as well as leading edge review, professional learning and development. With a unique blend of leadership, curriculum, teachin...

    Tags: pedagogy, school based curriculum, leadership, elearning, Google, consultant, Apple, elearning, eportfolios, social media