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  • Is social media making us meaner? /discussion/view/716239

  • I were a classroom teacher I'd get my kids into this !! http://game.pounamu.gen.nz/ a hugely cool science, social studies, G &T activity imo

  • Children in Egypt have been named Facebook and Twitter. What an eye opener: Social media video 2013 http://bit.ly/V5tN4B

  • Can you help me with my research on social networking & PD? Why and how do you use the VLN Groups?...http://bit.ly/RdCvA7

  • Just about to get started on our latest webinar > Social media for teachers with the Teachers Council. Want to join us? Message me asap:-)

  • Missing our social media webinar? Follow along / check out tweets afterwards on #ePLD - or contact me for the link before 4.30pm

  • Missed our webinar on the new resource for ethical use of social media? Here's the summary/recording & forum > http://bit.ly/QGPjjF

  • NZ Teachers Council - Social Media and Teachers - downloadable resources now available. http://www.teachersandsocialmedia.co.nz/resources/

  • What does blogging and other social networks have to do with teacher appraisal/goal setting? Find out more this Wed: http://bit.ly/1bgq1D7

  • Susie - Pinterest.com is in the Journals and Blogs and Social Networking categories in the filter. Email support@watchdog.net.nz for help