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  • In elluminate having a chat about how to use this space :)

  • It would be nice if there was a friends chat feature on the VLN. Is that do-able?

  • Do you use Voki in the classroom? We would like to chat to you if you do :-) http://bit.ly/rsRIzn

  • VERY interesting session on UFBis with Douglas Harré @ http://bit.ly/z1sMnK I now understand why uploading is so slow>>>

  • The VLN seems so slow lately- everything hangs for ages before happening. Is it just me?

  • Can you add to this chat about schools' data plan size?>> bit.ly/x0iak8

  • Understand why people are posting things three times to the VLN- it's cos it is SO slow. It never used to be. Is this an issue for others?

  • Do you use Evernote (or other note-grab tool) at years 1-8, or have heard of a school that does? If so, I would love a quick chat:-)

  • Have you heard about the parent-teacher twitter chat forum? Engage with your communities! http://bit.ly/1tUnTZ0

  • The first Enabling e-Learning Twitter slow chat has started today. 1 question per day. Follow the hashtag #eelslow and @enablelearning