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  • Picture Chat for language

    Picture Chat allows two people to share an iPad to have a "comic" style chat using just pictures, although they do havealphabet function too. Has some great potential Use for language and literacy. It is currently free.

  • Geo Ed Chat

    The host website for the weekly twitter chats on Geography education. The polls for future chat topics are here as well as the thinkpieces provided before each chat.

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  • Mythbusters

    I love the "Mythbusters". It's as simple as that.  They explore all sorts of id...rror. So have a look and see if you and your class can bust a myth or join the chat in the Forum....

  • Mini cameras

    Have you got an iPod? Then you have a fantastic tool for collecting data, observing changes over time and enabli...our science.  Imagine being able to watch a baking soda volcano explode in slow...

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  • Kairanga Kids

    Kairanga Kids

    Enthusiastic chat about how to be a Kairanga Kid ...

  • Nurture Classrooms

    Nurture Classrooms

    Over the last 2 years we have been running a part time Nurture Classroom for some of our New Entrant children. I would be really interested to chat to any others schools in NZ w...

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  • Twitter slow chats

    What is it? A week long (Mon-Sun) Twitter chat focused on a specific topic. How does it work? A topic is chosen and a different question related to the topic is posted each day (Monday-Friday) on twitter through @enablelearning with the hashtag #eelslow Participants answer ...

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  • Twitter slow chat: Student Collaboration

    Join the Enabling e-Learning Twitter Slow Chat starting Monday 23 May as we discuss Student collaboration.

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