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  • Web conferencing in education

    This was originally posted by Simon Evans 27 February 2012. This is cross-posted as part of the transition of Software for Learning to Enabling e-Learning. Whether you use Skype to talk to the grandchildren, or Adobe Connect to participate in online workshops, you are using web confere...

    Tags: webinars, web 2.0, web conferencing, voip, skype, google apps, adobe connect, oovoo, anymeeting, dabbleboard

  • Over the Back Fence - Kids Sharing Their Learning

    An Update from Geoff Wood - Over the Back Fence Project   While the Rosmini College students were taking their examinations recently the weekly OtBF links continued. Matapu School (SouthTaranaki) students were taught all about Black Holes in space by students at the Rayat Internation...

    Tags: connected learning, over the back fence, Rosmini College, Geoff Wood, global collaboration, skype

  • Skype Video - Free for Teachers

    Skype in the classroom are now offering free video conferencing for teachers. Try it out with your UFB - if you have it... Thanks GCSN for sharing this little gem. Be great to hear from schools who have used skype video for a multipoint connection, last time we tried it was pretty flakey but t...

    Tags: skype, ufbis, video conferencing, vc, online learning

  • Kick the Can - Over the Back Fence Update

    Thanks to Geoff Woods from Rosmini College for his update on the activities of the Over the Back Fence Project. Twelve of the fourteen schools that indicated their involvement in OtBF this year are now on line. We are also working with another 6 sites on related projects. We figure that we...

    Tags: Rosmini College, Geoff Woods, OTBF, Kick the can, collaboration, projects, skype in the classroom, video conferencing, online learning, skype, health, environment

  • Collaborative Project - Transport - Expressions of Interest

    Rosmini College invites Year 7 classes to join their Transportation Safety Project (2013 edition).The students gather and work together in one of twenty-two groups (see list below) to examine Transportation Safety issues. Each group works within a wikispace to develop the group's project. A templ...

    Tags: Rosmini College, Geoff Wood, collaboration, projects, skype in the classroom, video conferencing, online learning, skype, health, safety

  • Listen Up!

    Listen Up! is a 45-minute (split into two virtual sessions), interactive educational outreach programme that teaches children aged 8 to 12 about sound, hearing, and how to protect their hearing from Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). During the programme, children learn the basic anatomy and p...

    Tags: listen up, hearing, pindrop, Rosmini College, Health, Science, Physics, Biology, sound, online learning, skype, adobe connect

  • Online Collaborative Whiteboard

    This whiteboard - "AWW: A Web Whiteboard" - allows you to draw on a blank slate in your browser. More importantly, it is a collaborative space that students can join from anywhere in the world with a broadband connection. I've found it useful for running a whiteboard concurrently with a Skype tut...

    Tags: whiteboard, collaboration, internet, online, live, tutorial, skype

  • Recording and editing on the fly

    This was contributed by Gina Cathro, CORE Education and posted by Simon Evans on 10 June 2011. This is cross-posted as part of the transition of Software for Learning to Enabling e-Learning. Have you ever wanted to capture a conversation between people scattered about the country or the globe an...

    Tags: garageband, audacity, skype

  • 2014 - Turn on the Video!

    As bandwidth improves across our school networks there will be more opportunities to turn the camera on in the Adobe classroom or with Skype connections.  Be video capable either with your onboard camera (quite suitable for one or two participants) or consider purchasing a desktop conference...

    Tags: vc, video conference, adobe connect, skype, camera, video, online learning, vlnprimary

  • Learning with Digital Technologies for Māori Learners - Skype

    Kia ora anō “Connected Educator Month is a global initiative designed to support and promote networked approaches to educational professional learning.” http://connectededucator.org.nz/about/ With so many exciting events happening during Connected Educator Month (CEM) I strongly enc...

    Tags: māori, cem, connected educator month, skype