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  • I there anyone who can give me five minutes of screen sharing via Skype time to show me how to add stuff to a group?

  • @tessa.gray Thanks- my Skype is AllanahK. I still need help as I feel I'm floundering a bit. The VLN is quite Ning like but trickier- or is

  • @jesshalliscool Hi jess we are in gisborne working through colectn evidence for milestone 4.do u hav skype mayb we can skype sumtime 2day ay

  • @kokachrissy set up etc! We are keen for a cluster Skype - got Nick Rate raving to us at the moment :)

  • @Hayden.Shaw Thanks. I think it would be quite a good feature so you didn't have to leave the VLN to go to gmail, Facebook, Skype or...

  • Road safety... internet safety, can't Skype through the storm :( Sorry @kokachrissy

  • had a good meeting today for the learning without limits, great watching presentation and voice via skype

  • About to Skype into the GSC cluster's end of year hui to highlight the value of blended learning #walkingthetalk:-)

  • About to lead staff meeting "Using the VLN" for staff in Hamilton via skype from Whangarei. How could you use skype for your staff meetings?

  • Im looking for someone to Mystery Skype with my class... Year 3s