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  • Should Boards of Trustees have a minimum ICT standard when employing staff?

    Recently a colleague and I noticed a post on a mailing list that was quite adamant that BoT's should no longer employ people who cannot "do ICT" in the classroom. Our conversation then turned to two questions. What ICT skills should schools look for in new staff? And, should there be a minimum IC...

    Tags: leadership, recruitment, teachers, skills, enabling elearning, ict

  • 9 Resources to Help You Improve Your Writing Skills in 2019

    Writing is a valuable skill to own. You can communicate your ideas with confidence and possibly earn money. While some are free, others require a fee. What is more, they supply choices to carry your writing to a different level. Here are the top 8 Resources which will help you to improve your ...

    Tags: Writing, skills, eassy writing