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  • ICT New Zealand

    Trevor Bond's Web site.  Great information on developing questioning skills for students.  Good rubric for supporting students understanding of how to ask higher level questions. 

  • digitalproficiency @ wikispaces.com

    This wikispace tries and provides bridges between standards listed in the curriculum (NZ for now) and digital skills as they are used in the industry, on a day to day basis. Covers programming (simple and advanced), design, visualisation, mobile devices.

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  • Arts Online: Student Gallery

    Drawing methods

    Use drawing methods and skills for recording information using wet and dry media

  • Arts Online: Student Gallery

    Drawing methods

    Self portraits, using drawing methods and skills for recording information using wet and dry media


  • Diversifying Adobe

    Diversifying Adobe

    ...s been working with a number of different organisations to help develop skills in this package and to c...; Most have been surprised at how quickly they have been able to build skills in the use of Adobe Connect a...

  • Learning through games

    Learning through games

    Learning games or serious games are about taking the problem-solving and critical-thinking skills kids often develop playing other forms of video games but in an education context. Th...

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  • Roslyn School's eSnaps

    Cluster Goal 2 Strong leadership of eLearning Cluster Goal 3 Teachers and students use ICTs capably, creatively and considerately within authentic learning experiences resulting in higher levels of student The context Every Thursday between 3.15pm-3.45pm the ICT Team run short sharp workshop...

    Tags: Te Apiti ICT Cluster, elearning, skills, teachers, cooperative learning, just in time

  • Roslyn School - eSnaps

    Tags: pd, teachers, leadership, skills, sharing, collaboration, elearning, Te Apiti ICT Cluster

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